Housing market development

Habidom continues to grow

Habitat Macedonia’s subsidiary – the residential buildings management company Habidom reached a new milestone: 5000 apartments under permanent management contract.

Habidom LLC, residential building management company established by Habitat Macedonia and licensed by the State Regulatory Commission for Housing in 2015, overpassed an important milestone of 5000 households served. Actually, as of the end of 2023 Habidom had 216 multi-family apartment buildings with 5172 apartments under management contract, located in 8 different municipalities in the capital Skopje: Karposh (59 buildings), Aerodrom (48 buildings), Centar (36 buildings), Gjorche Petrov (25 buildings), Chair (19 buildings), Kisela Voda (18 buildings), Sopishte (6 buildings) and Gazi Baba (5 building).

As residential building management company Habidom’s main priority is to provide quality services for the multi-apartment buildings, based on innovative approach and high commitment. In addition to the regular maintenance, this includes permanent communication and collaboration with each homeowner, continuous field visits and problem identification, as well as capacity strengthening in the implementation of the energy efficiency measures. Furthermore, the multi-family apartment buildings have an opportunity for favorable payment arrangements for the regular and investment maintenance.

In parallel to its primary domain of work Habidom successfully completed its part as a partner in the consortium that was implementing EU Horizon 2020 funded project, titled Tailored Measures Supporting Energy Vulnerable Households. The consortium was led by the University of Cork, Ireland, and included partners from 12 European countries. Habidom’s participation included installation of energy efficiency equipment in 600 homes, followed by analysis and monitoring of the energy consumption behavior patterns of the targeted households.

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